Working with the magic of lunar cycles

Welcome to my sacred space, wonderful beings. Now, this topic is quite controversial, reason for which some insight is needed into what is being revealed. Mind creates matter and matter is the product of the mind. Mind has a feeling of its own and it has nothing to to with logic. When logic comes into play, all magic disappears. And why is that? Because one does not have to believe in magic. One IS magic. Therefore, as much as we can believe we can achieve no matter what, we already ARE that WHICH we believe in. You see, the third eye is depicted on the forehead. Forehead is on the head and mind is in the head. So, intuition (third eye) is where magic starts. In the mind. And one way we can develop the intuition is by tarot too, by the way. I am going to talk about it on another occasion. Now, if we consider the moon and its cycles, it corresponds to the cycles of a menstrual period. And that is because moon is feminine and once you tap into the magic of the moon, you actually tap into the magic of your femininity; that is to say, you become one with INTUITION. The full moon is a wonderful opportunity for us to realise that whatever we feel, it heightens, therefore, we can explore it. We are able to find the root of ourselves, we can tap into our inner world, just to see that we are part of the whole. We can turn our eyes towards what really matters. Take a deep breath and explore yourself. You will find so many eternal things inside. Ready to be revealed on the outside. Just listen to the beat of your own colorful heart. So many shades, so many hues, so many blessings! May you have a wonderful day!

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