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Candle wax scrying and mirror scrying

Candle wax scrying is another form of divination that creates images to be interpreted for you. Depending on your query,

Dowsing pendulum smoke scrying

This form of divination taps into the sixth sense and awakens the dormant, silent beauty of your inner compass. Through

Human design chart

Imagine your Human Design as an intricate precious piece of jewellery – sheer bedazzling craftsmanship as created by the Universe.

Numerology chart

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind numbers? About the mystery their reveal? Have you ever wondered your personal

Reiki ritual

Reiki is the universal energy channelled through the hands of the practitioner to the places the person needs healing. It

Tarot ritual

Dive into the realm of your truest potential! I just want to emphasize the importance of getting an accurate ritual.